Why do I dance Odissi?

The more I go into the practice of Odissi the more I find it difficult to answer 'why' I dance in a rational way. I feel that Odissi is the best way life has offered me to connect with my deeper self and deliver my being to the world. I never found this dance, I found myself in this dance. It is challenging. And this challenge reminds me not to fall in the opaque pleasure of comfort. It pokes my physical and mental boundaries. I can feel the universe in me and me in the universe. It is about beauty, unrealistic beauty, not to neglect real worldly beauty, but to be able to abstract the beauty of life within the unfortunate misery of its appearance. And yet my journey is not complete. What can be wings at some point in time, may turn into cage at another. Odissi as my ground. Roots and Water. From the centre I grow. Like a tree.