The next shore...

Preparing for the Odissi Ensemble Tour. This is one of my dreams coming true, to dance and work with other artists, to share my love for this dance with audiences, to be supported in this by people who believe in me and in what I do.

It is incredible how if you really want something and you relentlessly work towards that goal, without too much eagerness either, but with purity of heart and mind, and you do not sit and wait, but stand up and sweat, things slowly start to take place. One after the other, like magic.

Anything I am and I do nowadays is the fruit of love and labour, the fruit of untouchable faith and trust in life. Nothing of what I am and I do nowadays is the result of pure chance and fortune.

If I look behind, I can easily see another story written down for me, perhaps an easier one, a granted one, a simple one. It is not easy to write your own story. It requires you to clash with others' people beliefs on what you should do and be, it pulls out tears and sweat from the body, moments of unwanted or pursued solitude and moments of confusion and delusion.

Every single of my little, perhaps insignificant achievements, is not the end of an era, but the beginning of a new journey, the starting point of my next dream.

At times, I doubts having goals or dream is necessary a good thing, but I cannot float in the ocean of life without needing to think beyond the horizon there is a shore I can dock at, before taking the rocking road of the waves once again.