Poems: January 2019

Richmond Park Poems


If I were to give you a necklace of leaves

to decorate your neck

(bark against the blanket of the sky)

if I were to give you the songs of the birds

to kiss the tip of your tongue

and bounce off the ground of your lips

if I were to give you branches

to embrace the tenderness of your limbs

would you stay still for a moment

to hear the silence of all this?


Take what I have.

Take my hands around your waist

Take my fingers and kiss them

Take my legs and entwine them with yours

Take my stomach as a pillow

Take my cheeks and rub them against yours

Take my feet to entrap time and my spine to lean on

Take my breast to drink as a sparrow

from a fountain in the heat

Take the droplets of my sweat

to decorate your forehead

and take my mane

to hide

in those nights

when I will be



Don’t push me.

I am made of dust

I am a castle made of sand

I am a cloud

I am in the space in between

like a sound…