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Psychotherapy and the Divine Feminine

Lecture-Demonstration, 3-4pm, 5th November, WPF Therapy

Hindu mythology provides a nuanced and complex understanding of the feminine. The primordial feminine Sakti finds several personifications, which signify different ways of embodying and articulating the feminine. The distinct and yet related figures of Parvati, Durga and Kali provide an understanding of the feminine, not as an abstract principle, but as related to the world and in particular to the masculine element. 

During the lecture-demonstration, I will talk about the symbolism behind these mythological feminine figures and demonstrate how they are represented in Odissi. Participants will be encouraged to think how these prototypes of the feminine structure the relationship between psychotherapist/counsellor and patient, and reflect on conscious and unconscious aspects of this relationship. Is the physcotherapist acting as a lovely, protecting Parvati, or as a Durga controlled and yet unbeatable slayer of mental demons, or as Kali, devouring and embodying the negative forces or perhaps all these at once?

More infos about the workshop (for physcotherapists only):

Earlier Event: October 14
Performances Autumn-Winter 2016
Later Event: November 12
Performance Wolverhampton