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Odissi Spring Workshops

Odissi Spring Workshops

*As nature is in full bloom, we water the garden of our bodies with the nourishing art of dance*

Let your body feel the moistness of the fresh soil, let your feet be grounded as the roots of the trees, let your fingertips blossom as buds on newly sprout branches. Let the beauty run in your body, like a stream of water in the riverbed.

We are offering four workshops on Odissi technique for anyone developing new dance skills and strengthening your technique. Here more details about each workshop:


22nd April - Basic Technique

In this workshop we will focus on the basic stances and steps which constitute the foundations of Odissi dance. We will pay attention to the link between outer forms and inner sensations. This will help us develop a clear understanding of the aesthetics and body lines of this dance, while also adopting safe posture and allignment. We will study steps in cauka and tribhanga. These are units of movement, which include rhythmic footwork, stylised hand gestures, circular and angular movement of the arms, and are characterised by a strong lower body and a supple use of the torso.

This workshop is good for complete beginners, people interested in developing new movement skills, and those who already know the basic steps but would like to revise, polish and strengthen their embodied understanding of Odissi technique foundations.


6th May - Expanding Technique

In this workshop we will explore variations on the basic steps. We will learn new arm and footwork combinations. You will be encouraged to create new movement units by using the material you already know or that you will learn during this workshop. The aim of the workshop is to deepen and expand your understanding of this technique and to develop a creative approach to the study of the basic steps. You will be encouraged to become an active practitioner capable of moving comfortably within the dance vocabulary. This workshop will organically prepare you for the learning of more complex sequences of movement and eventually to the study of repertoire material.

This workshop is suitable for beginners, improvers and all people who would like to develop a deeper and more creative understanding of Odissi technique.


13th May - Developing Technique

In this workshop we will learn some movement phrases, traditionally known as khandi or arasas. These are garlands of movement which will help you develop flow when transitioning from one unit of movement to another. They also enhance movement memory and develop your understanding of rhythm and musicality. These garlands are set on bols, which are haunting combinations of spoken rhythmic syllables.

This workshop is not suitable for absolute beginners, it requires the knowledge of at least some of the basic steps or attendance to the previous two workshops.


27th May - Travelling, Jumping and Turning

In this workshop we will learn some of the walks, jumps and spins used in Odissi. Odissi walks are perhaps some of the most charming elements of this dance vocabulary. Some of these walks are used in basic repertoire items, such as Mangalacharan and Vasant Pallavi, while others come a bit later in more advanced pieces. Jumps in Odissi are very subtle and characterised by a springy but grounded quality. Spins are characterised by either a very strong frame and sharp quality, or by a sense of continuous flow. Some of these travelling, jumping and turning patterns are codified, but many are found in the choreographies and generally are not taught separately, making the learning of choreographies more difficult. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to focus on specific beginner and advanced walks, spins and jumps, which will prepare you enourmously for more complex repertoire items.

This workshop is suitable for beginners and for people who would like to expand, polish and strengthen their technique.


All workshops are from 4.15 to 6.15pm and will take place at Small World Centre, Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Effra Rd, Brixton, London SW2 1BZ.

5' walking from Brixton Station, Victoria line.

Fees: £25 per single workshop, £95 if registering for the four workshops in advance

For registration or any further info, please contact me at:


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