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MAY- JUNE 2019

ODISSI Classes @ The Place, London Euston

17 Duke's Rd, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9PY


Every Friday: 10th May - 21st June

6.30-7.30pm (L1), 7.30-8.30pm (L2)

BEGINNER Classes: Beginners Course

Every Wednesday: 8th May - 19th June



26th June we aim to offer a very Special workshop session. Visit this webpage for further information later in May

April 2019

***In April 2019, due to our international tour in Italy, USA and Canada, we will only offer a mini-intensive workshop on 17-18-20 for a total of 7h.

Please visit that Special Courses Section in this website for more infos. Click HERE to register.

Regular Classes resume in May on Wednesday ( Beginners) and Friday (Beginners and Improvers/Intermediate) as usual.

May-June 2019

The May-June Term includes 7 sessions, so there will be the Full Term Option or Drop-In only.

Classes in May will be given by Bhumi ODA Faculty member Maryam Shakiba.

Classes in June will be given by Bhumi ODA Artistic Director Dr Elena Catalano.

Odissi is a holistic discipline that nurtures and beautifies body, mind and soul. As for most bodily disciplines originated in the East, such as Yoga, training in Odissi requires focus and regular practice in order to give results. While working on the body, Odissi trains also the mind and acts at the spiritual level by allowing a process of self-discovery and self-understanding.

Odissi is for you if:

- you want to develop grace, strength, flexibility, focus, discipline and will power.

- you understand dance training as a journey for self-discovery and self-refinement

- you are not afraid of challenging your comfort zone physically, mentally and emotionally

- you are a devotee of beauty as a process of discovery of inner truths

- you believe in dance as poetry in motion

LEVEL 1 Beginners & Improvers:

Friday 6.30-7.30pm (1h)

The class starts with a yoga-based warm up to open the body, focus the mind and connect with one's self. This is followed by preparatory exercises to build technique and the study of the basic steps used in the Odissi vocabulary (Cauka, Tribhanga, Abhanga and Sama). We will then learn short combinations of movements (Khandi, Arasas) and move to the study of other elements of technique such as walks (Chari), jumps (Utplavana) turns (Bhramari), foot positions (Padabeda) or hand gestures (hasta mudras).

*This class is suitable for people who have a good dance experience or training in any bodily disciplines. It may be challenging for absolute beginners.

LEVEL 2 Improvers & Intermediate:

Friday 6.30-.8.30pm (2h)

This class includes attendance to Level 1 technique class. The second hour is focused on the study of the traditional repertoire. The class also includes some creative exercises and short original compositions.

*This class is suitable to those who have already a good grasp of Odissi technique.

INTRODUCTORY COURSE Beginners and Improvers:

Wednesday 7.30-9pm (1.5h)

For details of our Special Beginner Course please click HERE.


**all prices include transaction fee**

FRIDAY (Regular Class)

Friday classes are 60’ long.

Level 1: Full Term (7 sessions of 1 hour) £95

Level 2: Full Term (7 sessions of 2 hours) £190

(Fee for Level 2 includes attendance to Level 1)

WEDNESDAY (Special Course)

Wednesday classes are 90’ long.

Open Level: Full Term (7 sessions of 1.5 hours) £130

BUNDLE OFFER: attend two classes per week for an more intensive training.

Friday Level 1 (7h) + Wednesday Open Level (10.5h) sessions): £210 for 17.5h of tuition.

Friday Level 2 (14h) + Wednesday Open Level (10.5h): £295 for 24.5h of tuition.

Drop in: One off attendance is not encouraged, but allowed when the student is unable to commit to regular training due to personal circumstances and when the student is already acquainted with the basic technique or repertoire items, and is looking for a refresher session.

Drop in Friday: £14 per 1h class

Drop in Wednesday: £18 per 1.30’ class

Important Information:

Please notice that payment is due before you can join the class. The sessions of the term are to be considered consecutive. Fees are not refundable and not transferable. Partial refund in the form of discount is negotiable only in case of serious unforeseen circumstances, beyond the student's control.If you cannot attend regularly for personal or work reasons, please do get in touch with us to discuss any arrangement tailored to your needs.

If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us at:

REGISTER NOW for TERM 3 starting on 8th MAY 2019

Odissi Term 3


We  want to encourage young people to train in Odissi and become the dancers of the future. For this, we would like to offer full and partial bursaries. 

Full Bursary: ONE full scholarship to a young dancer (15-20yo) who has professional or semi-professional aspirations. 

Partial Bursaries: All young people (15-20yo) who enrol on the whole course by 7th January 2019 receive a 40% discount on the whole Term Fee. 

To apply, send an email ( by 1st January 2019 with a brief statement (300-500 words) explaining:

- your dance experience so far

- why you want to learn Odissi and what you know about this dance form

- any artist that inspires you and why or any dance work you have seen and has left an impact on you

- your dance aspirations for the future 

(No or little previous dance experience will NOT condition the application process. We want young people who are enthusiastic, eager to learn, committed to the practice and try their best, who have a positive attitude, an inquisitive mind and willingness to be creatively challenged)

ODISSI ISTD Syllabus: Work in Progress

Give us your feedback

We are currently developing the Syllabus for Odissi graded examination, to be ratified and approved by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance.

If you would like to give us feedback, have a look at the draft document attached below and send us your views through the Contact us form.


Odissi ISTD Grade 1 Syllabus (Draft)- Download